Where to pick up Football Equipment?

AAA Summit Storage

1763 W 1180 S, Woods Cross, UT 84087

Please go to the North Gate. There will be a helpful young man ready to open the gate.

In order to have a quick equipment pick up please have all your paper work ready. 2 Copies of your sign up paper work. If you are a first year player we will need a copy of your birth certificate.

You can expect 3-6 board members / coaches there to help fit your player.

While we do measure each players head to fit them in to the best helmet, head sizes and shapes takes a little more effort than you think. Please have your players hair cut in the fashion they will be wearing during the season to get the best fit.

This year we purchased new game pants and are supplying practice pants from last years old pants. Its best to try them on before you leave. Make sure your player is ready to try on the game pants onsite.

Chin straps are provided but we suggest you purchase an aftermarket chin strap for better fit and comfort.

You will need to purchase your player a mouth piece. They will run thru at least 3 this season. Maybe more if your player likes to chew. They will need it before the first day of practice. You can find them online for best pricing or at most sports stores.

Check your emails for times when equipment will be handed out.


Go Braves!